Chuck’s Choice Premium Beef Jerky

2 oz of greatness are a click away. Life’s about quality, not quantity. Don’t go buy a garbage can full of OK jerky. Buy a bag (or two or three or four) of the GOOD STUFF…..you won’t be disappointed. Be the hometown hero and show up wherever you go next with Chuck’s Choice in hand. We appreciate the
support. Now go Crush It!!

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    Chuck’s Choice began the way most good things do…..in our home kitchen. It started as a curiosity, but soon the demand from friends and family was too great to keep up with. Lifelong friends Charlie and Donald took their time developing relationships and seeking out the perfect partners to make their home grown product on a larger scale.

Those same friends and family who demanded their product from the beginning spent countless hours together sharing memories over packing and labeling parties. These two friends set out on a journey to reshape the beef jerky world without cutting corners. Each bag of Chuck’s Choice is made with the highest quality products and care. It’s time to CRUSH IT!

Chuck’s Sightings

We love seeing and sharing experiences with Chuck’s Choice and friends by our side! Share yours with us, so we can share with others!
If you would like to send us a picture, or video of your own Chuck’s Choice Jerky Sighting, just email us at info@chucks-choice.com or share it with us on social media!